hey need abit of advice please. i need to kn a few things firstly

*what is th standard boost for a z20let?
*how many threads should be sticking ou the accuator?
*when u have a baileys dump valve can u just block the pipe on the standard one?

i have a gsi it has a 1.9 airbox ith k&n and full turbo back exhaust with silicone hoses and a dv.

it only pulls o.4 bar of boost on load it will occaisionly over boost to 0.8 ish not alot. but i have just blockd the pipe off the orignal dumpvalve. i have by passed the boost control solenoid at the back and all the connections seem sound.

my mate has a near enuf standard gsi and it ulls past mine

any ideas?

cheers guys