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Thread: A Bit of Advice Please: Skirts and Paint

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    A Bit of Advice Please: Skirts and Paint


    Just a few quick questions, hope I have put them in the correct page, but please move if incorrect.

    1: I am spraying my bumper strips, my car code colour is Z2AU, which is officially Star Silver III (I believe) I have bought the paint from Halfords but the can just says Star Silver, is this a different shade than the III? Or will it match?

    2: I have looked over the forum and people are saying different things… Can somebody please list which side skirts are compatible with my 5 door estate?! And also what front bumpers are available?
    Also am I correct in saying that there are no rear bumpers that fit the estate with out moddin?

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW I have a 1.7TDI Silver Astra Estate, totally bog standard at the moment, apart from a new front grille, but am hopefully going to slowly add things to it for as little moneys as possible!! A little background for ya!


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    Any astra mk4 bumper will fit your car mate. I believe its the same with the skirts. Coupe ones are always good but need to be trimmed slightly. I could be wrong but the coupe / cab rear bumpers should fit! Or the irmscher extensions might fit

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