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Thread: MK4 1.6 16v miss firing & spluttering at low levs

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    MK4 1.6 16v miss firing & spluttering at low levs

    Hi all,

    I have a MK4 1.6, 16V, Astra Sport ECOTEC engine (X16XEL) which has started miss firing and spluttering at low revs around 2000 when cursing, when you accelerate its fine. I have checked the following:

    Removed and cleaned throttle housing
    Removed and cleaned egr valve
    Replaced spark plugs
    Replaced coil pack
    Removed and cleaned all obvious earths
    Checked and cleaned air filter and in inlet
    Cleaned all electrical connectors
    Added fuel injection cleaner
    Ran car on super unleaded

    a diagnostic check only showed 02 sensor which is on order, if anyone has any more thoughts please let me know as it is driving me mad!??

    Man thanks

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    exactly whta mine was doing a couple of weeks back (x16xel). if the O2 sensor does not cure it then i would look at the crank sensor. i had no code for this but know these are troublesome, i replaced with a genuine Vauxhall one so no splicing of the wiring harnesss (i do not like the universal ones)
    and it cost £32. Car runs perfect now with good throttle pickup and no more missfire and better idling too.

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