I own a MK4 1.7 diesel Astra which unfortunately broke down on me and the AA relayed me home.
The car started spluttering and then cut out all together which indicates a fuel issue and this was confirmed by the AA mechanic as he used some quick start and managed to get the car to fire up temporally.

After some basic test's he mentioned the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which I believe regulates the fuel/turbo is probably the cause of the problem. He removed it; opened the unit had a look, re-soldered some joints and when he put it back on the vehicle and I tried to start it he said there was a puff of smoke and could smell electrical burning.

Now this points out to be a simple but expensive fix however what he wasn't to clear on was the fuel pump itself. I'm guessing this would be separate and may also need replacing. Is there a chance it could have been the pump itself and messing with the ECU has caused that to blew too?

Are ECU made to each individual engine, i.e. I can only use one from a 1.7 Diesel Envoy?