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Thread: idiot !!!!!!!!!!!

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    idiot !!!!!!!!!!!

    hi guys ..... well driving home today some 'idiot' who had parked cars on his side of road came into mine and hit me wing mirror...... hardly any damage but only had the car 2 weeks . anyway he didnt stop so i gave chase caught him and got details ( at the time didnt know how much ddamage as didnt want him to get away lol). the damage is a tiny bit of laquer and his white paint engrained in the black bit of the trim.

    soooo my question is lol......

    what should i use to get the white paint off?

    and also......

    is there any one near gwent / torfaen that could sort a couple of tiny scratches on the body that came with the car???

    is star silver metallic if it makes a different

    any ideas peeps ?


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    hi,..well done on the chase & stopping the driver.
    they get away enough over here in london!.

    im not sure how to get that paint stuff off though - maybe white spirit?.
    2007 (57) BLACK 1.3CDTi

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