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Thread: fog light surround - vinyl

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    fog light surround - vinyl

    need a new front fog surround for the passenger side. previous owner has scrapped the front bumper on something and removed a slight bit of paint, and damaged some of the vinyl surround of the front fog light (picture below, not that visible though).

    was wondering, are the vinyl surrounds easy to source, cannot seem to find any on ebay. and, also, are they easy enough to fit, and is there a how to?

    don't seem to remember seeing one when i looked through them for the pollen filter how to.

    am also going to get the paint stick from halfrauds to touch up the scratches, but feel its best to replace the surround at the same time too!

    anyway, time for pics! part to be replaced it circled red (the fog is fine, no damage):

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    Get the foglight trim from a dealer, they aren't as expensive as you might think.

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