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Thread: Rolling Road Day

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    Rolling Road Day

    Hello all,

    I dont know if this is allowed so if it isnt, mods please delete and send me a PM just to confirm but ill explain what the deal is here:

    Basically Im part of a new website thats started up to cater for Trackdays, Nurburgring Trips and other performance related events, to help us get started we're running a Rolling Road day down in Uxbridge

    So, i thought id come and tell you fine people about it in the hope to bulster up our numbers, because as i mentioned, we're fairly new

    Its booked for Saturday 17th October. It will be held at Torque Of The Devil in Uxbridge.

    Prices are £35 per car and I will need a £5 deposit to confirm your space as numbers are limited.

    Copy&Paste adding your name and car if you are interested:

    1. Giles - Subaru Impreza
    2. Steveyb_evo3 - Mitsubishi evolution III
    3. Wob - Ibiza Cupra
    4. Dele - Astra GSi
    5. Freaky - Honda Civic
    6. leon- Cupra-R
    7. jehuty - Clio 182
    8. DeathWishJim - Mitsubishi Evolution V
    9. Marc - 206GTi
    10. Ax - 205 1.9 GTi
    11. Sam - s14 200sx
    MK4 Astra GSi in Flame Red

    Phase 1 + M32 6-Speed

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    I willing to leave this open for now to see if any members wish to attend but this not an AOC event.
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