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Thread: eletric window/automatic locking

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    eletric window/automatic locking

    but first question are the eletric windows and the eletric lockibn doors thing run of the same moter

    the window is now stuck open the door wont lock with the key or that it has to be pushed down
    the locking system has been going weird for a while as well on that door

    it had being going weird for a while but trying to explane best i can
    from the control in the rear pasenger door used to work on and off when it watned to and it worked for a while from the drivers version of it and then that started to get dodgey as well and i just told pasengers not to use that window and i bumped the wind down winodw butten today today and the window wentdown a bit but wouldent go back up so had to wind it the rest of the way down and it wont come back up i tryed changing the switch over dident help the lights for them inside the thing works at the drivers version but not at the pasengers side so tahts y i tryed changing the switch i belive its either the moter has gone or wiring and i know this is a really hard job when i used to bump it i used to jiggle the window around adn that and then after about half an hour or so of this it went back up i dismanteld the switchs to look at and that when i noticed the lights things inside and switched em

    if so how hard is this to fix your self and.. if so is there anyway i can get the windo up as its cold and i want to sell this car in a week or so

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    i very much doubt they are off the same motor as one is a regulator and the other is a solinoid.

    do u have rear leccy windows, if so do they work?

    you could bypass all the electrics and put a + and - feed straight to the back of the window motor to get them up (least it wont be cold and wet for u)

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