I was thinking of the idea of selling my car and buying one with a bigger engine, mainly due to having to move a lot in highways and that lack of power (especially torque in low and mid revs) is getting annoying. I can't afford one at the moment, so also made a thought of making the best out of my 1.4 engine. What actually my 1.4 lacks is low-end and mid-end power (compared to other 1.4 engines and given the car's big weight), so I was thinking of a small turbo or a mechanical compressor that would supply the missing torque. Has anybody tried any of these? I am not really after any big bhp figures, just that extra smoothness of bigger engines.

What should I bear in mind for such a mod? Could the standard ECU be modified to handle a turbo or another management is needed? What about injectors? Would lower compression be needed in case I run a small turbo at low boost (for example a T20 turbo that would spool at <2000rpm supplying 7psi max of boost).

p.s. The engine is the X14XE and the car is the Mk4 Astra 00'.