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Thread: 288mm brake conversion for mk2,mk3

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    Exclamation 288mm brake conversion for mk2,mk3

    mk2,mk3 not sure about mk4 also fits calibra
    you start by getting discs & calipers from a vectra ,
    i then got some aluminium hub rings for alloy wheels

    then had them machined inside from 56.1mm to 56.4mm & outside from 72mm to 70mm, then get an old hub pressed from a strut

    use the hub with the hub ring fitted to mark the stud pattern

    drill the holes two of them cross two existing holes this dosen't cause any probs as the hub ring & locating screw keeps the disc centred

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    Some good work there....

    But yo do know you can get 280mm standard OEM 4-stud discs from either a Meriva CDTi or Astra H CDTi whih should not need spacers too.
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