Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am asking on behalf of a friend.

Basically she has the basic new model zafira 57 plate. All was good and the wipers would come on as expected. It then went into perrys for a fault (which i will explain later on) and when it came back they must have updated the computer firmware as when the front wipers came on the back one did automatically. Anywho, she was getting really annoyed with this as its not something that was there before and took her anger out on the right hand wiper leaver (next to the steering wheel) its a plastic break and would not hold with glue. I cannot see how it can be taken all of to be replace so i am looknig for a bit of advice on what to do?

The next thing is the break warning light. It is on more often than not even if the hand break is not on. It would stay on all throughout the journey and now and again would show as it is supposed to do when the hand break is applied. The handbook says when it shows there is a fault in the breaking system, when taken into perrys to sort it out they did not see it as a problem and updated the car computer. Any ideas on this, it is going to have to go back in as its really annoying.

Last but not least, how many revs should the car be at when sitting idle out of gear? Its currently at around 9/10 which i think its a little strange?