I put a thread up here a few days ago, basically my car was driving worse and worse, wouldn't pull cleanly in 1st or 2nd gears. Then it stalled and broke down eventually. . . . . ]

A few days in the mechanics and . . .

Before i bought it it had a timing belt replacement . . .sweet. Good thing to know that ur timing belt is all working fine.

Where the crankshaft attaches to the pulley, theres a fairly big washer, one side has a small lip on the inner ring, the other side doesn't. The muppet who did the cambelt (before i bought it) put the washer on back to front. Therefore the crank pulley wasn't sitting right. So as the cambelt was going round, the crank was eating away and the key(somethings) (these little notches on this other part) hence the timing was off in the car, therefore making it not pull properly or drive smoothly. As it got worse and worse it eventually gave up the ghost and died on me, the crank pulley shifted about 4 mm, putting the timing off, making the car stall.

Bearing in mind that if the crankshaft would have gone all the way round or i would have revved it hard, the pistons would have come through the top of the engine, bent all the valves, and writing it off.

Lucky i was reversing when it went.

Anyway £430 later i have a new cambelt, new crank pulley and all the bits, full service and countless hours labour on it i can imagine. Really i got it done really cheap for what a shit of a job it is.

So yer, how you can be really lucky and really unlucky a the same time.