Hi to all, had a wee shifty through these pages to look for a similar problem, but seeing as there are 252 pages I thought I may just be quicker writing a little message and hope that someone may be a able to shed a little light.

My problem is with starting my mk4 Astra 2.0 SRi. Some times it's fine, but sometimes it judders to a start and then the engine warning light comes on and stays on. This also affects how she drives, as it seems like it's drinking "kangaroo petrol". Very juddery across the rev range and seems to have no ooomph at all.

I was thinking it could perhaps be some fueling issues, and was planning on heading out tomorrow for a new fuel filter as the other one may be an original part on an 11 year old motor, so god knows what's in it. Just wondered if anyone else had any ideas about what I could do whilst I have the bonnet up on my day off?