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Thread: Cruise Control Help

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    Cruise Control Help

    HI there
    Im new to AOC, i have had my astra about a month (1.6sxi twinport 2006).
    I am looking at getting cruise control put on there. I know there are lots of other threads about this, but all seems a little confusing with lots of different answers. Also this is my first Vauxhall, im use to ford stuff!

    What things do i need to buy/add on/rewire/activate/etc?

    All help will be much appriciated!


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    welcome aboard.

    1st of all u need to check if you have a clutch switch on the car. Look up under the pedals and see if u can see a switch on the end of the clutch foot arm. if u do then all you need is the control stalk and it tech2'd.

    if you dont then you need to see if u have the wiring.
    (my 54plate 1.6 doesnt and so i cant retrofit it very easily). If you have the wiring it will be taped up behind the dash clocks so you might need to take them out, or see if u can see it from looking up the footwell.

    if the wiring isnt present it can still be done but its alot more complicated with actually adding your own loom - VX wont touch this tho.

    hth a bit

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