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Thread: Advice for an Aussie Astra

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    Advice for an Aussie Astra

    Hi guys.

    Wife's 1.8 Astra G/Mk4 has had the complete timing belt kit and water pump changed about 20,000 km/2 years ago. But we have noticed an occasional drop of coolant on the drip tray in the garage but haven't been able to see where (or which Astra) it's coming from. While it was in the air during brake replacement recently I noticed there is a very slight leak/seepage at the bottom on the timing belt cover which would probably indicate the water pump or it's gasket is leaking.

    My questions: How urgent would it be to get the pump changed? And, would we need to have the timing belt changed again at the same time?

    Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer . . . . as the Holden "service departments" over here have obviously been trained by your Vauxhall guys. They really have no idea what they are talking about.
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    Hi Imay, i would take of the upper and lower cambelt cover (easy job) and have a look around the water pump area, try it with the car running as well to see if you can see any water seeping out. the water pump gasket can be replaced alone without need for a new pump and providing you mark the rotation of the cambelt on the belt , you can also re-use the belt as it under 40000 miles/4 years old.

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