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Thread: Do you know what this is for ?

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    Do you know what this is for ?

    Hi all..

    Can you see the black aerial on the rear window... I thought it was some sort of car kit for phones, normally included with some screw holes in the dash somewhere. But there is not car kit and no screwholes....

    Does this do anything or can I just get rid...?

    P.S what do you think of my first "Mod" on the aerial...I am a modifying God.....Look at me and my extravagant purchase in these difficult financial times...

    I would mention posting a "How To"...but not feeling all that sarcastic today.. I think I will be taking it looks ridiculous..

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    That is a car phone aerial, feel free to remove it

    For years now they have done smart brackets that are designed to fit to the car without making any holes
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