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Thread: Z18xe P0130

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    Z18xe P0130

    Right then i own a vauxhall corsa sri with the z18xe engine in, im getting little help from the corsa side, so id thought id ask the astra forum instead,

    iv had a problem, and i had 3 codes up on the ecu, p0135,p0130 and p0170

    i changed the o2 sensor in the manifold, as per p0135, no change

    i changed the airflow meter, p0170 hasnt come back on.

    with tech 2 connected the 02 bank 1 sensor 1 is reading 410mv and when reving it wasnt fluctuating
    bank1 sensor 2 was fluctuating upto 700+mv

    we found a wire had come loose from the connector wiring loom side of the 02 sensor, re-soldered all the wires on correctly and double checked them. the 02 sensor fluctuates upto 430mv, and but only for a split second.

    the only code thats coming up now is p0130

    P0130 O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1) C-30
    P0130 O2 Sensor 1 Circuit Voltage Low C-30
    P0130 O2 Sensor 1 Open Circuit C-30
    P0130 O2 Sensor 1 Incorrect Signal C-30

    we get the same reading regardless of the o2 sensor fitted, but we're not getting the correct voltage at pin 3 on the connector to the 02 sensor

    it should be above 11volts but we're not

    anybody got any ideas sugestions, its kinda doing ma head in, cheers in advance for any help and sorry for the essay.

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    Check the PM

    Oh and something i didnt mention, think if i remember, Pin37 on ECU

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