Looking for a bit of help here and trade club prices if anyone has them to hand as I'm impatient to wait on Vaux phoning on Monday as the service/parts dept were near closing once my car had failed the MOT.

Car failed it's MOT on a number of things and has about 7 advisories, a couple of which are easily sorted for a few £'s. The main ones I am looking for help on are:


Nearside (Front to Rear (To O/S/R flexi)) Brake Pipe excessively corroded

Offside rear coil spring incomplete


Nearside (Front to Rear (To N/S/R Flexi) Brake has slightly corroded

Nearside front (lower) anti-roll bar linkage has slight play in a ball joint

Offside front (lower) anti-roll bar linkage has slight play in a ball joint

My questions are:

What does the flexi bit mean in the brake pipe failures? It's failed on the brake pipes too but what is the flexi part? I assume it's better off just doing the failure and advisory together so this part of the braking system is done at the same time?

Do Vauxhall sell a single suspension spring or do they have to be done in pairs? I've done a search and it would seem they are about £160 for the pair but does anyone have a price on trade club? I am thinking this is completely pointless to get them from vaux even on trade club as could get a full spring setup for less or even the ebay coilovers.

With regards to the anti-roll bar linkage - would an uprated front anti roll bar kit be worth it and resolve the issue i.e on the Courtenay site http://courtenaysport.co.uk/index.ph...ewDoc&docId=51

If the front was uprated would I need to do the rear at the same time to compensate for the front being uprated or would it not matter? Will standard parts do the job just as adequately?

Apologies for the amount of questions but I don't want to be spending more than I should be and I would like to get my money's worth for anything I do need to buy.

Thanks in advance for any help

On a good note it's failed on bits of the exhaust system from the cat back so have been to a local company today and getting a new 2.5" cat back system fitted this coming week as I was wanting this done at some point anyway