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Thread: astra 1.6 8v ls juddering stalling when running

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    Question astra 1.6 8v ls juddering stalling when running

    hi guys i have a astra 1.6 8v ls 1999
    it had a problem with juddering at low speeds after a week of having the car.

    i came on here and was told to clean out the throttle boddy and egr with carb cleaner it has the cable throttle which i did do and it ran great for about a week or so then started again i have now had it about 4-5 weeks and it is getting worse it has started stalling but not at idle when i am going

    everynow and again it does rev its self when it is idling

    i am now getting worried as i have a new born son and would not like it to happen when he is in the car

    it will start straight back up again after 10-20 seconds and will go fine but juddering is getting worse

    is the egr knacked or is it something else

    any help would great

    thank you
    astra mk4 1999 1.6 8v velvet green

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    Hi Viper, could be the EGR valve that has failed and it would be worth seeing if any faults codes are stored. I used to have a 1.6 8v of the same year and experienced similar issues to yours and i cleaned/changed EGR, throttle body, ICV, but with no luck. eventually Vauxhall admitted that the 8v x16xzr engine had issues with faulty ECU's. they swapped this for free (warranty) and the car ran sweet after with no more faults. if you have this engine code it is worth seeing if the ECU was exchanged. constant over revving, stalling, poor idling and ECU light flashing on and off intermitently were my sings of the ECU being the culprit.

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