I brought this 2001 1.6 16V 3dr Vauxhall Astra in midnight black in febuary 2008 and loved it

But it was short lived when i was made redundant from my work during the recession and finding a new job was difficult so i had to take the car off the road and move back home which obviously sucked!!
Then luckily i got a job and 5 painful Months later i had enough money to get back on the road

So after new brakes (that had rusted during the 5months ) i was back and the modding started almost straight away
i'd already had
  • Badgeless grill
  • new LG cd player
  • Fusion front and rear speakers with amps
  • JBL 3000W AMP
  • 2x 12" 1200W Sony X-plod subs
Nothing major but just recently i've had:
  • Black Rear LED Tail lights (thanks to drbeansri)
  • K&N Panel Filter (thanks to greenmini)
  • Savage Back Box (thanks to Bludshot)
  • De-restricted the airbox
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Masitaly GTS Alloys
Heres some pics

And for all the eagle eyed members i know it says "1.8 sport" on the boot lid but that is beacuse i brought a new 1 with a spoiler attached because the paint on my old 1 was knackered and it worked out cheaper to just buy a completly new boot lid

hopefully to come will be:
  • Lowered 20mm on GSI springs
  • Vectra C Inlet Pipe
  • GSI Headlights or Black Angel eyes
  • Tinted Windows
  • Body kit (not sure which yet)
  • Xenon headlights
  • De-Badge Bootlid
  • Colour code bump strips and door handles
Thnaks for looking hope you like it.