The problem has occured for over 2yrs, and Opel have no idea what the problem is, no fault codes showing on the diagnostic checks.
Car being driven at 2-2500 rpm in 3,4 or 5th, occasionally a violent misfire occurs, its as though the ignition is being switched on and off and engine loses power, dip the clutch and rev the engine, and its OK until the next time. If I dip the clutch and keep it in, the engine dies on me and if I drop the clutch in the engine fires up OK but the A/C starts blowing air out at the same temp. as the heater on cool, A/C switch still on. If I turn ignition off and restart the engine, the A/C comes in OK.
Car has done 42K from new, problem started at 33K.
Replaced to date: Ignition Module/ Plugs/Crank Sensor/Engine Temp. Sensor/Fuel Pump & Filter/EGR Valve/Stepper Motor cleaned and refitted.
Hope its not the ECU.
Any ideas, Thanks