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Thread: Help Needed Please

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    Help Needed Please


    I was stopped tonight for speeding (honest misbeleif of speed for area on my behalf, beleived it to be a 60 when it was a 30...was doing 49mph) and the officer told me i could not be issued with an on the spot fine but would receive some notice from the procurator fiscal.
    My queries are quite simple:
    a) If i was being charged for driving with no insurance, would the officer have informed me when i was pulled over?
    b) As it was my dads car would it come up if i was insured to drive it or would they just check to make sure its insured?
    c) When responding to the notice from the procurator fiscal, what documents do i need to proved to accept the points and fine?

    Reason i ask is after reading my policy which i belived to cover me for driving it, i am know uncertain wether i am. I ask what the offence was and he said speeding but i am sure i heard the other officer say i was not insured for the car after openly informing them i was not the owner of the vehicle.
    Also will the notice get sent to me or the owner of the car?

    Sorry for the questions but this is quite a new experience.

    A Student on a Budget

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    No need for two threads, have moved your other one to chit chat section


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