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Thread: Piper produce new Astra VXR exhaust system

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    Thumbs Up Piper produce new Astra VXR exhaust system

    Quote Originally Posted by Piper Racing
    As some of you are aware we have been developing a full 3" turbo back system for the Astra VXR.

    We have now finished the design and this is now available for sale.

    We have designed it with a few key points which should set our system apart from the competition. These are:
    • This system is a full 3" diameter from the turbo to the tailpipe.
    • It can be bought as either a "turbo back" system, or in stages starting with a cat back, then upgrading the downpipe/cat section at a later date.
    • You have a choice of having either a sports cat, or de cat fitted in your downpipe.
    • You have a choice of silencer options depending on how loud you like your system to be. 2 silencers, 1 silencer or no silencers.
    • You have the option of having the downpipe section ceramic coated.
    • You have a choice of tailpipe options from a single 3" pipe, to a large oval and even the option of a twin tailpipe.
    • Proven gains, even against the popular Remus system as fitted to the Nurburgring models.
    Hopefully with all these options being available we have designed a system to suit all tastes and requirements.

    Here are a few photos of the parts:

    - Stage 1, Cat back system (2 Silencers)
    - Stage 2, Turbo back system with sports cat (2 Silencers)
    - Stage 2, Turbo back system with de cat (2 Silencers)
    - Stage 2, Downpipe and Sports Cat
    - Stage 2, Downpipe and De Cat

    Prices on these parts are as follows:

    Stage 1 - 3" Cat back system

    TAST15AS - 2 Silencers - £524.99
    TAST15BS - 1 Silencer - £424.99
    TAST15AS - 0 Silencers - £324.99

    Stage 2 - 3" Downpipe (Can only be used with above systems)

    DP13SC - With Sports Cat - £524.99
    DP13SB - With De Cat - £374.99

    3" Turbo Back with Sports Cat

    TAST16AS - 2 Silencers - £999.98
    TAST16BS - 1 Silencer - £899.98
    TAST16AS - 0 Silencers - £799.98

    3" Turbo Back with De Cat

    TAST17AS - 2 Silencers - £899.98
    TAST17BS - 1 Silencer - £799.98
    TAST17CS - 0 Silencers - £699.98

    Optional Extras

    Ceramic Coating to Downpipe Section - £199.99
    Cat upgrade to FIA spec one for motorsport use only - £199.99

    We did manage to get a couple of short videos but sadly ran out of time with this project to do any further videos just yet. As time allows i will get some more done for you tho.

    YOU TUBE LINK - 2 Silencer version
    YOU TUBE LINK - 1 Silencer version

    Here is the power graph from the testing we did:

    These will be added to our website in the next few days so if you want to order in the meantime you can either call me or drop me a PM.

    I think this covers everything but if you have any further questions then please just give me a call on 01303 245300.

    Kind Regards

    Garry Curley
    Race Product Development Dept
    Looks pretty good!
    Its a jam thing

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    its a cracking system and Garry has kept us updated all along its development and also with some imput from ourselves on vxronline

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    That's a fair old gain on stock stuff

    I've had a piper exhaust in the past for my 1.4

    Good stuff
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