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Thread: MK4 dti issue with Aircon, advice needed please guys.

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    MK4 dti issue with Aircon, advice needed please guys.

    Hi all,

    my wife has an Astra 1.7dti eco4 on a 51plate, when I switch the aircon on the middle ring of the compressor does not turn, we have had the car for 2 and 1/2 years, when I got the car I am pretty sure it worked but not 100% positive, so in this time it has not had the aircon serviced, the chap who had it before us owned the car for a year and did not mention he had it recharged although like I said when I tested the car I am pretty sure it worked to a point.

    So my questions are:

    1 is the aircon compressor stuffed ? the light on the aircon button lights when I press it.
    2 is the problem down to the fact that it has not been recharged in 3years or so ?
    3 if the aircon is stuffed where is the best place to start to find the fault.



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    Gosh! Ive had so much grief with my air con lately!

    Keeps blowing out hot air days after a re-gas! Taking mine back into vauxhall again tomorrow (4th time) for them to try and identify the problem!

    They say the motor works fine, compressor ok, no leaks (had quite a few leak tests done), dont seem to be any electrical faults etc! Seems to hold temp after they look at it, but a week or two later back to square one!

    Good luck with sorting yours! Tempted just to rip mine out! lo!
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    It may just need a recharge, they say it should be serviced every 2 years.

    2 main reasons why it won;t work though.

    1st it has a leak but only getting it serviced will show this up.

    2nd the compressor's clutch may be faulty. To test this give the compressor a live and earth and listen for it engaging OR test the wires to it for resistance. If they are open circuit the clutch is faulty
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