Does anybody here have a spare boot spoiler for a '98-'04 Astra 5dr hatchback? (Ideally 'star silver', paint code Z157, in colour)

It's the slightly curved-type boot spoiler often fitted to Astras as an option from new.

Have been keeping an eye on eBay but no joy so far.


Does anybody here know if the chrome strip which runs along the bootlid of the Astra Coupe, would fit onto the bootlid of my '03 Astra hatch?
(I've recently fitted chrome kick-plates and thought a chrome strip on the bootlid would also be a nice touch).

However, I have a feeling the Coupe's bootlid is wider than the hatch?!

Oh, a quick (cheeky!) question -
I need to fit new rear shocks and springs (current ones have 67k miles on them and seem to have gone a bit sloppy).
Anybody suggest a good supplier ?

And what would be a good brand to use? (N.B. I'm not looking to lower the car, just replace the standard shocks and springs with a good brand ...not too firm, but with good road-holding)