Hi first time to site.

i have a x reg 1.7 dti astra with a really annoyin problem. about 1 month ago went on a long journey and after about 60 miles of motorway driving lost total power and the simble on dash came on (which looks like a car with a spanner through it) and had to pull onto hard shoulder were when i pressed the cluch in the engine cut out. then it would not start. then got towed home.

i heard the edu units were a common fault got mine repaired after i did this it starts but the same simble on the dash comes on intermitantly but seems to go out when idling. ive cleaned the egr valve and changed the afm sensor and also tried a second hand edu unit on it but still have the same fault.

was wondering if it could be the solenoid valves on the vacume hoses to the egr valves can go but dont want to spend anymore money than i have to as i have already spent a fair amount.

the local garage said it could be the fuel pump but ive heard these are expensive and dont want to change if it wont solve the problem.

if anyone can help id but most appresiative as its doin my head in.