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Thread: Centre Console??

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    Exclamation Centre Console??

    Hey Guys,

    I'm going to be removing and spraying my centre console.
    I have searched the foruma nd asked many questions but there seems to be so many methods and techniques?

    Some people spend hours sanding it down, and spraying with primer, spray paint and laquer
    Some people Use thinners instead of sanding, then just spray it?
    One guy said he used a sort of 'filler primer'?

    I'm basically after a definitive answer?
    Which one works ebst? and which one would you recommend for a newbie?
    I'm spraying mine white, and would like to know a detailed descrition of...

    How Did You Spray Yours...?

    I'm interested in...
    - What products you used? and Where did you buy them from?
    - How many coats/layers of each product did you use?
    - How long did you leave between each coat/layer
    - What grade sandpaper you used for each step?

    Thanks a lot!
    [ My Car ]

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    From a bit of reading, i think some folk sand them down for a proper smooth finish
    I know a guy just cleaned his & then painted. At least, i don't think he sanded. Maybe he did slightly, bugger i can't remember now.

    If it worked for him, you coul djust give it a damn good clean with some warm soapy water (water: tap, fairy liquid: supermarket)

    primer, paint, lacquer: halfords. If you plan on doing more painting then it'll be economical to get the 500ml tins. Plastic primer you will want. Do you get white primer from halfords? I think so. If so that'll be what you need.

    Layers, probably something like 4-4-2 i assume perhaps. You may want confirmation on this though.

    Between coats, people say leave 15mins, i tend to leave 20-25. I leave 24hrs between 'phases' & i also leave good drying time after the lacquer process (i.e. more than just 24hrs).

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    Yep, pretty much.

    I used Halfords paint prep wipes between phases and if I did any intermediate sanding, but it goes :

    Sand to rid yourself of the texture using soapy water and 600 grit wet and dry. Leave over night to dry
    Plastic primer, about 4-5 light coats, 15 mins betwen coats ( or until touch dry, but test on a very non obvious bit ), over night to dry fully after the last one. If light sanding is needed use 1200 wet and dry the following day and a bit of soapy water. Leave over night to dry
    wipe with paint prep wipe, let dry ( about 15 seconds !! ) paint colour, 4-5 light coats touch dry between coats, leave over night to dry fully.
    repeat process with laquer.

    I used one can of plastic primer ( 300ml ) one can of colour ( I used Moonland metalic grey ) and one can Clear laquer.

    Take your time and be patient light coats make for an even covering and stop the runs.
    The preparation is the bit that makes it look good, don't skip bits.


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