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Thread: Retrofit Heated Seats

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    Retrofit Heated Seats

    I have an astra GSi and want to retrofit heated seats, im sure this can be done but could someone list what i need please, i reckon i will need:

    2x Heated Seat Switches
    1x Heated Seat Switch Panel (3 Hole)
    2x Seat Heater Elements (Providing there not stiched into the leather and are seprate?)

    Obv i will be fitting myself, or get someone from work to help if too complicated, the connectors for the switches are already there but will i need relays, control units etc?

    Thanks for any info!

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    Hi just done this on my CDX , I had all the plug's ect like you have already
    in the car, And they are live as these are powered by the same fuse for the fag lighter ,and another fuse for something else can't remember what but NO relays needed ,
    All that is needed is the switches & panel and the heated pad's which aren't sewn in to the seats ,
    I was prety lucky I managed to get hold of the heated seats matching my
    trim and the swithes so it was just plug and play

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