I purchased my mk5 Life Automatic last year. Ive never done any modding to any of my previous cars except a new headunit All ways in my mind ive been a keen Modder But never Had the time nor cash to do anything. So i thought lets do something to the astra.

As i said the Astra is a Mk5, 2005 Life Automatic so it dont have any toys inside except SPORTS Button and thats about it Pfft i know they could have done so much more to these models, Even a Little Color Coding would have helped. Any.

I started In Jan 2009, After someone Scratched My car in Ikea @ Braehead I decided i will get the Scratch Fixed and Depends on Funds all get some color Coding Done.

As you See from the pics the Car aint the best looking But i do like the Ultra Blue Color. Anyway The Scratch is a deep one and needs a new Panel Painted. So off to body shop for that and Door Handles, rear Bumper Moulds Debadge and Door Bumps removed.

The Guys at JMS AutoShop in Paisley Did a good Good when i seen it at first glance, Even Gave the Car a Little Buff to get rid of some of the Swhirl Marks. That One of the works valeters Left on my car after he washed it with a Floor BRUSH :@. But I got the car back and i couldnt get any of the doors opened except for the Drivers Door and Also rear bumper moulds wernt painted. So back in to the body Shop.
So get the car back next day all doors open fine. Then Noticed they had removed the door bump strips but there was a piant line right across the passengers Side. So the car has been sprayed before with Just the bump strips Masked off, So left me with that to get done. Also 2 of the door handles have Finger Print Smudge Marks Not a happy Chappy. Mind You this was done back in Jan 2009 And this is now May 2009 and those things still havent been fixed. :@:@:@:@:@

So One a little More. I had a little Bump and needed new Head Lights, So i purchased a Set of Angel Eyes with Projectors off Steve (ssa17WS) from AOC hes also on here forgot his username lol. Anyway They Done The deed, After a LED change they where even Better.

Next Up, Well Thanks to Steve (ssa17WS) again for Doin thh Wiring that he came up with for the Fogs i now have OEM Standard Fog Lights Which work off The Headlight Switch with front fog button! Tutorial


Having a 8 month baby in the Car when i get out the car to lift her out, She usually drops stuff, And you cant find it under the car till the next morning. So At the moment i am Working on Puddle Lights and Foot well. But will be more Update on them shortly.

On the List to get done!
Alloy Wheels!
Face Lift Bumper!
SRI/Design Seats!
Ele Mirrors!
CD30 MP3!
CID,GID, Or Three Line Display!

Small Things Done!
Comfort Closing Activated
7th Speaker *wiring found*
Air Con Mod
Fog Lights Activated
Veccy C Intake de-restriced air box

For far Thats all i can think,
Any Pointers etc would be appreciated!