Hi Y'all !

How are you ?

It has been a while since i haven't really posted or make updates on my ride .

I was still having an oil pressure issue and huge oil leak ( currently using MOTUL SYNERGIE 5w40 , but will be swtching to CASTROL EDGE 10W60 ).

I went to a couple of OPEL (Vauxhall) dealerships and machanics that were just pushing me replacing the engine block (no less than 7000 euros )

My engine is still running and i have 50k miles on it (currently on stage 2 EDS remap with FMIC)

I finally found a good guy to help me out (working for OPEL ) and he seems to know his stuffs pretty well .
In two hours top he opened the engine block and we went straight to the issue
Apparently some stuffs on the pistons (sorry don't know the name in English) scratched the * (where the pistons goes ) and that was causing the oil to be pushed up ....
Sorry for my non techinical english ...
I'm on the quest of a shop where i can get the ''pistons rooms/cylinders'' repaired
you can see the damage (picture attached ) but with my finger or finger nail you can't feel it , it's not scratch or deeply scratch at least .
i'm planning on get Forged Pistons and Z20LEH turbo from JAV .
What is your advise to re enforce the Block and running better boost
i was thinking on :
Z20LEH turbo
Forged Pistons (0.8.6 ) of course according the the engine repair specs ...
Z20LEH Mass Air FLow regulator
Z20LEH fuel injectors
X20XEV admission Camshat
In addition to these , lighter flytwheel , SACHS clutch will be added to it .

Of course the remap will be the center of all this .
What do you think of the parts mentionned above ?
Woud it be stable and safe ?
I wish to achieve the 300 /320bhp , but i would be very please with 280 at least !
What needed to be done , or what's not really necessary , i have a very small reduced amount of money and what can my Z20LET really takes ??

Thank 's a lot for your help and advise and sorry again for my poor vocabulary !

I'm very open minded and feel free to give me advices and anything ( i'm a dummie and new to all that )

Here are fews attached pictures , not very sharp but just so you can have an idea ..