Right on way to work today on came the engine management light flashing then solid. After which I got limp home mode top speed 40 and bouncing, only 4 miles from work so carried on.
Anyway phone my good lady who brought through my scangauge 2. So dinner time plugged it in but it read no codes read started engine no light?
Finished work and started of home car started fine sounded okay got to gates and it was bouncing but no light, after about 2 miles it was back to normal smooth running any ideas as this is puzzling me. Car is down a garage 2moro for no belts, tensioners and waterpump then this week all filters and service including plugs.

Car is a Z20LET coupe 2001 only thing is the car had a bailey DV fitted but was disconnected when I bought it and the T piece on the left hand side of the engine has been blacked of with a screw, is this where the original valve that is fitted should be and could that cause it. Only its run the last 2 weeks without a problem. Any help plz