and has anyone got the address so I can beat them with a stick for the idiot thermostat location?

I've got a quote to have mine done now, combined with a cambelt kit/rollers, all done at £136. Happy with that, but WHAT a damn stupid design. I'd have thought they *might* have considered a mild redesign with the Z16SE, but..that'd be too easy.

I spent a while investigating "in hose" and similar solutions instead, but about the only semi-interesting possibility I saw was from a landy. I'd have thought that somewhere out there you could get a better solution than the Vx one..heh.

My EGR warning has gone out of its own accord - is this the "after so many starts with no issue, it clears" function? I've ordered the blanking plate anyway, and an OPCOM unit for my own fun. Also had a chat to my Local Vx dealer, who said I could pop down and see about the ECU update to get shot of the damn valve. Maybe I will at some point..heh.

Apart from those 2 minor points, this car seems on a par with my old MK3 auto..100 miles to a quarter tank, even with an iffy stat..not bad at all.