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Thread: Alarm Sounder

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    Alarm Sounder

    Hi everyone,

    I've been suffering with the alarm going off for no reason! I've noticed that it only does it in the day when its sunny and that if i leave a rear window open slightly it doesn't go off!
    I have read the how to on the power sounder and was wondering if it is the batteries for sure? I've also read that that sell the batteries have a replacement for the original, does this still fit? (as they don't make the NC-M120 anymore) or sould i just fit a new power sounder?
    I went to vauxhalls and they want £85 for a diognostic before parts and it only covers the first hour! They wouldn't tell me that its a know fault!

    My neighbours would appreaciate a quick response!


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    it'll be the power sounder, its a very common fault. the rear window will be a coincedence as far as i'm aware theres no wiring to the windows for the alarm.
    the new batterys that you can buy are replacements of the old batterys and yes they do fit, but they need soldering in place, if your not confident enough to solder them an auto electrician will be able to do them.

    you will need 2 batterys.

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