I've been looking around for a solution for a problem at work (to keep around 15 PC's in seperate schools with the same set of software install files) and this one was pointed out to me:


In short, you install a client on each PC you wish to sync. Once installed, the client will auto-sync any new files in its own local 'DropBox' folder with the online server, and download any new ones from there too. You can have as many client computers as you want and it supports Win/Mac/Linux too which is unusual.

You get 2GB free, and can pay $99 per annum for 50GB. It can do pretty much anything - there's a public folder so you can put photo's (or any file!) online without having to manually upload them, and right-clicking the local picture gives you an option to 'Get public link' so you can then stick them in threads etc.

Bloomin' darn good if you ask me and is a rather clever use of the Amazon Cloud project.

Likely cheeky of me, but you get 250Mbytes extra space, up to 5GBytes, for every referral who signs up so if you do think this is useful here's my referral link: