Haven't done alot to my car in recent weeks. But due to some little Tw@ kicking off my drivers side wing mirror last Sunday, I had no choice but to get a replacement. While I was there managed to get myself a leather steering wheel in excellent condition! this was a bugger to get off, well at least the airbag was as the car i got it from had no keys, but managed to get it off in the end.
Also get a courtesy light from a Calibra and also the boggle eyes one, from an Omega, to which I gave to Toms1989 (as I personaly aqcuired it in the first place, along with a cd player for my mothers Fiesta, not sure if it works though)
replacement heated mirror glass

Leather steering wheel

Courtesy lights

And also managed to get hold of a trip computor and stalk for a GSI/ Sport (also personaly acquired) from the scrap yard too