Hello There.

I have A Vreg Vauxhall Astra Van with 121 thousand Miles On the clock. Recently I have Noticed a very odd noise coming from the drivers side of the engine, Its A odd noise sounds like gurgling, but also sounds like a fluid is trying to filter its way through something? which happens whenever the engine is running really. To me the sound sounds like its coming from the engine oil block, However its not using any oil or its not using any water, However i have noticed my van has been getting a little warmer then usual, not overheating but been getting warm alot quicker. According to my Dad it might be the thermostat, this noise happens whenever at idle, or at 60mph whenever. Happens for about 10seconds stops for abit then goes off again.
Im going to try and post a video of it later maybe, as i know it makes things easier!!
Thanks Will