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Thread: flip key programming

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    flip key programming

    not sure if this is in the right section but here goes.

    i bought a flip key from a mk5 astra to use on my wifes corsa c.

    the blade types are the same so i have got a blade cut from vaux which works fine with the locks manually.

    i have a launchx430 diagnostic comp in work that programmes keys, so i tried it with the used flip key i bought and it worked. the key was programmed successfully. but it still wont start the car and the remote doesn't work either? i notticed that the original key and the flip key are both 433MHz so would that mean it should be working? or am i going to have to put the innards of the old key into the flip key?

    thanks in advance and sorry if in the wrong section
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    I'd suspect you will have to swap the insides over. I'm sure the MK4 uses 433Mhz and that has to be swapped over
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    Quote Originally Posted by Autosparks View Post
    I'd suspect you will have to swap the insides over. I'm sure the MK4 uses 433Mhz and that has to be swapped over
    I'd be inclined to agree. I can't see the alogorythms for the rolling code being the same either regardless of frequency.

    If it won't start, then the immobiliser isn't happy with the codes it is getting IMO.

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