has any used the IPF, mapping stage 3 onto their car?

Im having a problem with mine, and just curious to know if anyone had the same problem.

it keeps sending on my emissions light and giving me code p0170. before i had that problem, i had a lot of smoke, smelt of petrol,and i was running vxr injectors on normal let feul rail. so I went back to stage 2.

I had since acquired a vxr fuel pressure regulator, and have tried that, with the vxr injectors etc...drove okay for like 50miles,, would over boost to 23psi sumtimes and hold at 19psi in 4th and 5th etc for the past 2 days. Now this morning, it wont boost over 13psi on all the gears, and has sent on my emmissions light. did pedal test again, p0170. I havent got any smoke like last time i tried stage 3, so the fuel pressure reg seemed to have cleared that.

Regal advise i could be running too much boost and to wind down the actuator. anyone had this prob?

car annoying me now, and very tempted to walk away from it as mate got his vrs octavia for sale, and very tempted.