Hello all,
New here. Joined as i have a problem with my 01' Astra 1.6 SXi.
Was wondering if anyone out there could give me some advice.
Car was running fine as normal one morning. Then i stopped by somewhere to collect soemthing. Car then wouldn't start. Electrics were ticking over but engine wouldn't fire up. Got the AA out, he identified it as a FUEL PUMP RELAY problem. He gave it a few taps and sure enough it started, seemed fine. Managed to get approx 5 miles where accelaration then cut off. Engine was running fine but nothing happened with accelerator. Got out, gave the relay a few good taps and sure enough it started again. Now i realised this was a problem that would persist. So during lunch at work tried to drive to Vauxhall gargage here in Aberdeen to get a replacement Fuel Pump Relay switch. Got about 200 yards before it stopped. Gave it a few taps as before, this time would not start. Borrowed a mates car, got the relay switch, replaced, didn't solve anything. So got the AA to tow me to the Vauxhall gargage. Now i have been told the ACU needs replaced which is going to cost me £750 .

Now am i being thick or does this seem like overkill. It seems like a small electrical problem, but to replace the whole comp, sounds mental.
Has this happened with anyone before, or could anyone provide me with some advice on this??? Am i being royally shafted ???????

Any help would be greatly appreciated.