Hi all,

As title really, whats the biggest, well quickest/most powerful, diesel engine that will fit relatively easy into a mk4?

Got a 1.7DTi in there atm, but now owning a coupe turbo its not really cutting it! I would just stick with it as its a good lil wagon but the engines had some problems that i can't seem to find the cure for ffor ages so was wondering wat i could drop in there before it blows up on my way to/from a race in scotland! haha!

Atm i'm thinking it'll just have to be the 2.0DTi as the 1.9CDTi is more effort than i'm after with the can-bus. However i think theres a big 3.0 v6 or something in the Vectra C's, but i'm thinking that will be WAY too tight, if it even fitted!

Also if i were to just change to a 2.0DTi, what could i get away with keeping in there? Would the gearbox etc. still run or would need the 2.0 box?

Cheers in advance,