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Thread: Traction Control

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    Question Traction Control

    Today the traction control light stayed on after starting the car and continued to stay on while driving. When I pulled in I turned off the ignition and re-sarted the car and the light went out as normal. I know it's some kind of fault in the TC system but does anybody have any ideas as to why it might have statyed on?
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    i had this problem had t but on tech to was sum sensor on the comp got my tracking dun and ualt went away

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    hi guys,i am angel here.The predecessor of modern electronic traction control systems can be found in high-torque, high-power rear-wheel drive cars as a limited slip differential.[citation needed] Limited slip differentials are a purely mechanical system that transfer a relatively small amount of power to the non-slipping wheel, it still allows some wheel spin to occur. In 1971 the Buick division of GM introduced MaxTrac, which used an early computer system to detect rear wheel spin and modulate engine power to those wheels to provide the most traction. A Buick-exclusive at the time, it was an option on all full-size models, including the Riviera, Estate Wagon, Electra 225, Centurion, and popular LeSabre family sedan. Cadillac also introduced the ill fated Traction Monitoring System (TMS) in 1979 on the redesigned Eldorado. It was criticized for its slow reaction time and extremely high failure rate.
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