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Thread: Retaining Memory for CD player

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    Retaining Memory for CD player

    Hello all,

    i have a cheap crappy VENTURER dvd/cd player with a 7" pop out screen,

    it works fine and all plugged in via the standard vauxhall plug, i have programmed my radio stations in an saved them on the presets but when i play the cd player the tracks always start from track 1.

    I have had a look at the wires but i cannt work out witch ones will work to makes this work.
    there is constant power to the unit as it has saved my radio presets.

    I just dont understand.
    Can anyone help me sort this problem,

    Otherwise i have a Clarion Headunit i could use what i had found, its a 4x50w, dosnt play mp3 tho. so what do people recon i shoould do..

    Many Thank you's

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    If its saving the startions then it's likely to be the way the headunit is. You can try swapping the power and accessory over (usually red and yellow) and see if that cures it
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