Hi guys,
Just got a 54 plate 5-door 2.0 turbo sri (2nd vauxhall, first astra!!)
It has just been serviced and had new discs and pads fitted all round but there is now a squeak coming from the front end. It kinda sounds like (don't laugh...) ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee....
It only happens when I am moving and turning right.
There is no sound when turning left and when the car is stationary the wheel goes lock to lock with no noise.
I have had a trawl through previous posts and am thinking either the new pads are squealing or there is a power steering issue, not sure if that would happen only in one turn direction though.
Also saw some posts about possible CV joint problem?
Any pointers wat and where I can check would be greatly appreciated muckers before I take it back to the garage!