Hi all...new here. Posted this over at vxon, then found this group:

My day of hell started as a sunny jaunt outside to change the discs and pads on my 1.7dti 02 Astra Estate. All was going well, and I got one side done ok. On the other side I had problems with the disc retaining bolt...namely that is was so soft and rusty that I had hee-haw chance of getting it off. Tried to cut a slot with what I have here at my new house (most of my tools are elsewhere)...but it wasn't happening. So, being unable to remove it (it is stripped to all buggery by this point!), I resolve to put old pads and disc back on other side until such time as I can remove the nut (pads still have plenty wear).

Again, all going well until it came time to tighten the caliper sliding bolts...of course the fecking thing stripped the threads right out of the carrier....sob! The crazy thing was that when I had put the first disc on, there as no problem and I got good tightness (not overtight). When I had to put the old disc back on...I never even approached tight before I felt the threads give way.

So now I am in need of a new caliper carried for the drivers side...and a magician to remove the stripped bolt from the other side.

I am a newb to all this...so a big disconcerted. I'm usually good at this sort of thing and pretty handy....but not feeling so good now.

Can anyone advise on where I might be able to order the carrier used online. (I say used...I take it that new would be pricey?). I haven't check the Haynes yet...but is this doable, or should I just admitt defeat on this one and let a garage in town deal with?

Console me with your words of wisdom oh wise ones. Please