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Thread: Zlet Rebuild Questions Crank&rods

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    Zlet Rebuild Questions Crank&rods

    Hi all,
    my lovey z20let gsi astra decided to spin a 1 big end shell and muller the crank and rod, after lookin on EPC i see some XEV cranks are the same as the LETs, but i dont know about the conrods? XEV block the same??
    also would a XEV make a good base for a rebuild as my engine's full of swaf? e.g swap pistions, cams, oil pump ect. as i can get one cheap.

    thanks for any info


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    i think some of the XEV blocks work but you need to drill the oil ways i think.

    i have a perfectly good block here with a melted piston if you want to make me an offer. comes complete pistons, crank, rods etc.
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