Hi all,

I wondered if you could help, I'm absolutely useless with cars nowadays but I'm learning again.

Just invested in a diagnostics kit (laptop, elm327 USB and Vauxcheck) to check out a check engine light on my X16SZE 1.6 8V 2000 Astra.

It came back with a bad EGR code so I've taken it off, carb cleanered it and put it back before resetting the code. However when I was putting it back I noticed black electrical tape around a hose to the right of the EGR which is positioned on the back of the engine on mine when facing it from the front of the car that goes from the top of the engine directly downwards, couldnt quite see where it went back in though.

There was clean orangeish oil on it and when I removed the tape the pipe sheared straight through, it looked as though heat and oil had given it the consistency of cake.

The problem is I dont know what it is, it must be something to do with ventilation because the engine runs fine even with it in two pieces and nothing seems to be coming out of it. I want to get a replacement but dont know what to ask for, any suggestions?

Thanks all, by the way I'm happy to offer use of my code reader to anyone who contacts me in the local area, can check old and new vauxhalls or anything post 2001.