Can't remember which was which now.

T215C** i think we saw as we were heading down from J34 on the M6 to the trafford centre. From what i saw & if i've linked the reg up right, the only mod i saw was a painted black rear griffin & debadging.

T106N** we saw as we were heading back to J34 on the M6 from the trafford centre. Aftermarket exhaust, irmscher grille. Can't remember what else really

PE03*** <-- might have this one wrong as i tried to memorise it instead of getting the g/f to note it down. Was deffinately silver & with those GM mudflaps that have about 500 different logos on the base of the flaps. The yellow pic, the other pic & other one and so on. This was ummm, probably somewhere like J31/J32 northbound on the M6 perhaps.