Hi guys. Had a few problems recently with my crank sensor. A few times now it has failed to start for me and when plugged in i got crank sensor code so today i brought a new one. The one on it has been fine for days now but its only a matter of time before it plays up again so i want to put the new one on. Ive had a quick look and it looks a bit of a nightmare, is it that bad? from what i can see looks like the aircon pump has to come off and maybe the bottom hose off my turbo as i have 2.5 inch metal pipework that looks like its maybe in the way. I can only see the wire for the sensor, carnt see the sensor itself so thought id ask someone who has maybe done the job, is it as bad as it looks. Also, does the crank sensor do anything while the car is running or does it just check that the engine is fine to start? Cheers, ellis.