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Thread: Newbie needs Help With ICE system setup

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    Newbie needs Help With ICE system setup

    Hi guys, as you could probably ascertain from the title, i am a newbie to all this car audio business. I was wondering if you experienced peeps could possibly advise me on what to do and get for the car.
    so here are the details of what i've got.

    I recently bought a Astra Club 08, plate... im guessing that's a Astra H.
    Before i start of with what i am planning to get... im not sure what the size of my front speakers are... i read somewhere its 17cm? Just want to confirm if thats right!

    Ok so the system it self...

    Head unit:- Alpine CDE-103BT CD/MP3 Player with Built In Bluetooth

    Sub :- Alpine SWS-1043D - 10" subwoofer + box


    Front Speakers and Tweeters :- Alpine SPR-17S - 16.5cm components

    6x9 Back speakers:- Alpine SPR-69C - 6" x 9" speakers

    Im bit unsure as to what amp i should get.. i would preferably like to stick with alpine makes things easier! im thinking either MRV-T420 or MRV-T320...not really sure what the significant difference is apart from the price.

    im planning to get all these from

    I am aware that i need a fascia adapter but im really unable to place what colour the stock unit is...its like a very light brown more of a dirty beigeish wasnt so sure what colour adapter to get! any advise? Its a silver astra if that helps. I want to retain the use of my steering wheel remote control so if i get the canbus adapter for astras will that include the the iso harness adapter?

    ive found this which gets everything in a little kit

    but it doesnt have the steering controls adapter which i guess id have to get separately.

    So mainly is this setup fine? am i missing anything? Also since i am getting an alpine headunit is there some sort of patch wire to connect to all the other things? or will it be included in the box?

    Thanks for the help in advance guys!


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    the setup seems fine but i would get rid of the 6x9s mate, if using a subwoofer ital jus blow air into the 6x9 making them sound sh*t
    the front components should be enough to match the sub

    as for the amp i would recomend a 3/4 channel amp reason being if you amp the component door speakers then it will sound a hunred times better beleive me, so if you get a 3/4 channel amp

    these are the 3/4 channel amps that car audio security sell

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