Greetings from the South Canada Sea (the US ).

I'm working on a Astra project, and before I really dig too far into it, where I might get in trouble, I need some guidance from anyone who knows a fair amount about the software on these cars.

I'm looking at being the first complete swap to VXR/OPC hardware in the US, and I'm a fair amount of the way there. However, there's some engine questions I'd like to get to the bottom of.

I've potentially got a deal worked out for a used Z20LEH engine that can be shipped over here, but the software is making me rather concerned. I'm not sure where the immobilizer in these cars lives, and I'd hate to swap the whole thing in and find out it won't start due to the ECU. Is it relatively easy to swap engines in these cars and to recode the ECU to work with new car, or are the two systems relatively separate to where it won't hinder the progress? I'm affraid that it'll be like the CID screen where you have to de-mate it from the donor car and re-mate it to the new one.

Assuming my deal for this Z20LEH falls through, does anybody have any reliable sources that could get me an LEH or LER engine without much trouble?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the the Z20LER use the F17 5-speed transmission, whereas the LEH uses the M23 6-speed?

If so, a LER would be easier to swap into the US cars since we only have the 5-speed. But, if I managed to get ahold of an LEH, I'm sure I could have some custom adapaters made if need be.

Any guidance / help / part sources would be greatly appreciated

Here's the progess so far: